Coding topic....i guess?



It's cool though


Well don't get any ideas or copy​:nerd:.


Technically, there used to be a video to make 3d ice cream like that. Hehe.


Don't worry I won't copy


Ack I have no ideas for a new project and we get our school iPads taken away in 2 weeks I am out of ideas

Plus I don't have HS on my phone



Uh, Monoply or or something!


searches frantically for a moment Look here!


no no no noooooooo!!!!
ahhhhhh !!
I can't get hopscotch anymore my mom banned it ahhhh
this is the end
leave me...go on without me


Well, @Petrichor I didn’t want to disturb you but you wanted to help me make a 3D game or 2.5 or a scrolling top view 2D game? If you could help that would be nice. If you can not help me that is fine.


@Leaders if I’m correct there is a topic for coding??? Besides this is old

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