Coding topic....i guess?



Oh it's coding time!!! Frens, ladies, and gentlemen, welcome to mai first coding topik!!!!!!
We r gonna code 2 the max! Feel free to post first projects, cool pixel art, and other projects on hopscotch


any body wanna code with mi?


Hi there! I just got on, so sorry. I can't post a link right now, maybe later.


Kk it's fine u can post whenever


Is anyone dere? Hallooo?



How are u Frenpai!


Hai @Elemental_Cat do u has projects



@Potter_Head if u have any projects as well


Hai! I'm WynterDiamond (or Wyn, for short) virtually shakes hand
Below is a project that I made and I was wondering if you wanted to critique mine and I could critique a project of yours. We could even work on a collab! Anyways, if you would like, here is the link ↓


That thumbnail looks feature worthy.

I would like it if there was a scroll limit.

Otherwise, good job.


Thank you for your input! I would agree about the scroll limit, I was feeling kind of lazy when I started, but I will probably put one in soon. :+1:

Edit: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for nominating me for featured @Petrichor !! :grin::grin::grin:


I feel lazily 24/7.


That is super fun! I would put it in featured for sure


Thank you so much! :grin:



I dont have any new projects currently, but I might work on one soon


Hi! Nice topic and welcome to the forum! I'll be sure to post some links here when I make something new. ;) Also, type @discobot and post it. It'll show you around the forum!


Okay thanks for your help!!! :slight_smile:


Kind of new project of mine:


Whoa that's cool it's like rainbow ice cream!!! :slight_smile:


That is the point...