Coding Tips Topic


First of all, I know that topics exist where people ask for Tips, but this a topic where everyone exchanges coding Tips!
Feel free to post priects thatt incorporated a tip you talked about.
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My personal Tips:
1.Learn how to use the control flow blocks ASAP. I honestly think these are vital to any game you are making, while variables may be the most important part of making any good game, Control Flow blocks help push the boundaries of what you can do with variables!
2. Learn Sine&Cosine! I have learned how to use them, just not how to use them accurately to specifically how I want it. But you can make things draw a lot faster with Sine & Cosine, like circles, instead of doing like Move Forward 2, Turn 1, use Sine & Cosine!
3.Making your projects playable! So, I have been working with Unicode text recently, and it makes projects lag, a lot. Unicode may make projects look way better, but there is still the sacrifice of FPS that always comes along too.
4.For the most part, keep your account in clutttered, if you feel like you need to publish something, use an Alt. Account, a few remixes here and there are fine, but if it takes up the majority of your profile, people won’t be able to find your awesome games and art!
5.Using Move Forward only in Trail art. The move forward is one of the first blocks you learn how to use in Hopscotch! But after you start to get into more advanced things, you find out that it is harder to keep track of, if you keep changing its angle, but if you ever need to go directly horizontal or vertically, use Change X and Change Y!
6.Learning How To Make Your Own HSB colors. Learning how to use HSB is extremely helpful because now you don’t have to go with the premade colors, which are a good start, but don’t dive to deep. HSB stands for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness. Hue is like the color it will be, like Red or Green. 0 is red, and 360 is also red. Saturation, is like the Invisibility Block for Draw A Trail, the lower the Saturation though the more it will look invisible. 0 will make it completely invisible, and 100 will make it the most visible. Brightness is how bright your color is. 0 means any color will turn to black, and 100 will just be your Hue and Saturation, really bright!
7. Use Variables! For me, this is the most important skill! You can use variables to make everything better!
8. Learn a lot of math! This will help you with variables and keeping your games intelligent.
9. Plan your projects before making them, don’t just add chunks of stuff as your going because you will overdo it and will miss the main aspect of your game which you want to direct an appeal from the viewers.

Feel free to share your own coding Tips!


Yes how do u use sine and cosine. I know what they are but not how to use them


There are many great topics, but basically the first number is like x pos, and the second is how wide it is I think, and the 3rd is the Y pos. That is for Sine, which determines width And think. Cosine is the exact same except it is for height.


It’s kindof wirde how its something to do with triangles but it does stuff with circles


This is a post I wrote a good while ago, when I was learning how to use it.


Yeah I got the things messed up


It’s amazing how it took me forever to learn 1, 5, and 6.
I’m working on sin and cos in my head


In my project I sacrafice like 8 FPS, which is barely noticeable.


Says the official Hopscotch remixer.


Yeah well I used to do all remixes.


Thiss is so helpful!


Okay I don’t know if somebody has already said this, but feel free to save things as draft and play around with code (that’s how I learnt sin/cos) but remeber to give credit


These tips are really helpful, especially for new Hopscotchers but for other ones to.