Coding tips for everyone

I need help with coding good stuff. Any tips? (Anyone can post questions on coding.)


Great topic idea! Hmm I think one general tip from me is to just keep playing around and having fun :smile: (sounds simple but I’ve actually learnt so much as a result!)

As for specific tips, one which comes to mind is that naming variables, objects and abilities can be tricky.

Giving names that describe the purpose of the variable can help with working out what’s going on, particularly if you’re revisiting an older project :smiley:


If are things I’ve learned throughout the two years I’ve Hopscotched for, try your best to make legit projects instead of remixes. If your profile is cluttered, it’s harder to find the good stuff. :)

Another tip: don’t just give up if you don’t get likes. Keep coding strong and stay persistent! As you get better and better at it, you’ll start to make better and better projects. ^^

Oh, and if you use the subscription and want to make your own sprites, always check which layer you’re on before making s new edit. This messes me up so often when I try to make sprites for a text-based game I’m making for the PC. XD


That is true. Yet I still name variables “yer a wizard, Harry”.



I actually made a topic about it too, but with less awareness of how hard naming things can be :joy:

And great tips @Rawrbear!! :open_mouth:


Hehe. I read that topic a while ago. I forgot about it. I should re read it.

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Thanks a bunch! You too! ^^


My tips are these: (apologies for any redundancy)

  1. Always ask for help if you need any – that’s what the forum is for! You will learn so much by simply reading though posts or asking questions like you did here.
  2. Try new things like using a block that you haven’t before extensively. Play around with it and really get to know it. If you do this two times a week, you will get through all of the blocks very fast!
  3. Stay organized in your editing screen. Do not pile all of your text objects on top of each other, as that will make it hard to correct anything if there is a bug. Try putting them in nice rows or grouping them by area, then using the set position blocks to put them where you want them in your final project.
  4. Be creative and make original projects, as these always become more popular, and are more satisfying to make.
    I hope that these tips helped out!

Those are awesome tips!!


1.Get inspired first by someone but don’t copy off of them.
2.When making art pads, the simplest way to make the drawing tool set to the color you want is to use the emoji squares. For example, When Text 3 is tapped, Set “Color”(variable) to 6. When color equals 6, Set trail color to, HSB.


Nice tips everyone :+1:!


That’s not the simplest way. I don’t know why everyone thinks it is. It is harder to change later.

@Petrichor You can do it how ever you want. But some people like to use emoji squares. Okay?

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Some Tips:
1.If You Want your project editing screen t be clean, like MagmaPOP, then use the “Set Posistion” Block, As Well As The “Create A Clone Of This Object” Block


MagamPOP did that too? I did not know that. Hehe.

Look at SHOOT! his final game. There are like, 15 Text blocks all organized.

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