Coding school for beginners


if u want to help teach, plz notify me!

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Here is a simple tutorial. I'll do it with pictures.
Step 1:

Go down to the create tab. Click on it.

Step 2:

Click "Start from scratch."
Step 3:

Your screen should look something like this.
Step 4:

Click the plus button at the bottom. A menu like this should pop up.
Step 5:

Choose the square, drag it to the place u desire.

Click "add code" and add the "when game starts"
Step 7:

Then, u should get a huge choice of blocks. Scroll through, until u find drawing, the purple
Step 8:

Add a draw trail block. For the color or the first bubble, pick random.
For the second bubble, or the width bubble, choose 10.
Step 9:

Next, go inside the draw trail block, and scroll all the way to the control blocks, or the blue ones.
Step 10:

Then, add a repeat __ times block. In the bubble, put 4.
Step 11:
Now, add a move forward block. We want to move forward 100, so choose 100.
Step 12:
Now step twelve, I don't have a picture of. So basically, ur making it turn. Add a turn __ degrees book. In the bubble, put 90. Then play it.

Well, I hope this helped!


There are several topics like this.


Hi! This is a cool idea for a topic, but there are already a couple of topics like this. For example,

You may want to be a teacher there? No hard feelings from me, I just want to let you know. :wink:


Alright, I understand ur point @Petrichor and @WynterDiamond
But I created this topic, and I think there is nothing wrong here . And besides, on those topics, no one is ever on because they are so old


It's okay! Things like coding schools and clubs can have more than one.
Unless they're exact two Harry Potter unicorn hair topics, but two Harry Potter coding clubs is ok in my opinion.


But, anyway, the hopscotch academy is related to the community. Mine is just for beginners who want to learn something that is a updated version of hopscotch


I understand, you can definitely keep this topic up. The philosophy of Hopscotch Academy is different than this topic. I apologize if I reacted a bit, I wish you well with this topic :wink:


I don't have complaints about the academy, I'm talking about the other topics with coding lessons, not the academy. I have no interest in the academy. I repeat

no interest!

And anyway, on this , I'm trying to do tutorials people haven't done


Ohh okay. I will edit that out of my post. It's totally fine if you don't want to join HSA :wink:
Hey, maybe we can even chat sometime, and make up for any hard feelings here.


Sounds great. But one thing


Uh, okay. What would that be?


lets make a chat topic!

Sorry, just tired of using this