Coding Project Ideas!



I have a LOT of projects I'm doing already including
The Hunger Games
2015 Music Video
RPG Simulator (need dat music @SuperSwaggy :wink:)
OS2015 Pad
And other unfinished collabs!
I'm trying to wiggle in some minor projects as I go along, so what should I do next? I'll give credit in my projects if I choose your idea!


What about some sort of "Life" kind of thing where you live a life and you like grow up I can't really explain just some sort of life thing


I know... Trying to finish the 2 weeks of homework that we didn't do (snow, ugh). Just asking, what kind of simulator is this? Is it 3D (would not reccomend) battle, or just normal life? These will help me figure out the sound and "atmosphere" of the music


RPG Simulator, so just basically some dungeons and some town life, like weapon shops and food markets occasionally


So it's just a basic RPG? Ok, back to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How about you do baseball, Pokemon, or some other kind of card?