Coding Plans for the future?


Hi everybody! So I've just wanted to ask... Do any of you guys have any coding plans for the future? I was thinking about an being a chemical engineer... Than I found Hopscotch. I'm pretty much in love with it. I love to code and program now! I know that you don't use this to code actual apps and stuff... But I am seriously thinking about being a programmer in the future. Or at least having some coding in there. So am I the only one? Or do other people consider this as something as well?

Do you think you will have coding and programming in the future?

  • Yes!
  • Probably
  • Maybe
  • Not really
  • NOPE
  • NOT AT ALL!!! Ewwee... Are you coding? NO WAY! (If you choose this one I'm going to be pretty insulted! :sweat_smile:)
  • I have no idea!
  • What's the question again?



I just used this list from someone else and I just need votes sorry if you didn't want to enter this topic so please tell me so I can take you off next time!


Every career choice will require some programming knowledge. Either way, you will need to use your programming knowledge in the future.


@SmileyAlyssa I want to be a professional illustrator/graphic novel author and/or a biologist, but I still want to have coding in my life someway or another


How chose ewe are you coding? @Follow4LikesOfficial? :smirk:

EDIT: oh never mind!


Absolutely true! Very insightful statement, @Nerd4Ever. I can confirm that. I am out of school and have worked in several interesting fields and have developed some successful products. Yes, in every single one of these efforts, I have used programming. Treasure what you learn as a coder, guys! I will be happy to help you, if I can.


I'm most likely going to the Hopscotch building this summer to see what the different work environments are that revolve around this field.


I would love to get into science. It really interests me, and I love it!


Probably not! Since I love writing and drawing, I want to be a cartoonist.


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yeah, but you do to work professionally, :cry: (bachelor's, 4 years) can't just walk right into nintendo of america with an application fresh out of highschool


I am looking at being a software engineer, or going into at least something science/engineering related, quantum physics look interesting. I am also interested in cars, such as Tesla and others. Curious if how Google's doing with their automous driving.


Lol I want to be a programmer when I grow up


Wow, you guessed me right! I in fact want to be a game developer really bad when I grow up! I'm even learning some text-based languages now!


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Im starting C++ in hopes of working at Bungie as a Coder, Character Designer, or in their orchestra since I LOVE percussion.