Coding Partner?!


Create an ORIGINAL logo for someone on hopscotch to apply for a contest to become my coding partner. Send me the link on here or on my other coding partner topic.

People I would like to apply:

People Who are In the Competion:


You saw mine already, do I have to repost the link?


No. I just made this so more people could see it.


@Gilbert189 @GysvANDRegulus @MobCraft
@AwesomeWolf18 @CreativeCoder @DragonLover975


What? Why am I here?


He wants you to be @UptownStudios's coding partner! :wink:


What do u want 🙃


I tagged people I thought might want to apply.
@AwesomeWolf18 you need to do yours again. Your logo wasn't original


What yah want :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Do you want to apply for the coding partner contest? @MobCraft


I know im working on it


My Logo


Sorry I don't really want to do a competion


You can now do it on Hopscotch


Do i have to rename mine


No that's just for anyone not on the forum


Oh ok


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Probably 5 (billion) lol


@Gilbert189 Do u want to apply