Coding Partner wanted



Hi!!!! I'd like a coding partner!

If you want to be my partner, fill the form out!

Form, please reply with this

1 is worst, 10 is best
1.From 1-10, How well do you make FNAF fan-games?
2.From 1-10, How good are you at making a variety of projects?
3.Do you do mainly art?
4.Do you do mainly games?
5.Do you do a variety?
6.Are you a person who is trustworthy?
7.Do you have a lot of ideas?
8.Are you willing to make games on at least irregular intervals?
9. Do you like to play FNAF? If not, would you rather make kid friendly versions?

Thanks for filling it out!

Once you have filled it out, I'll pick the entry that is closest to if I were to make one.

  1. I dont make fnaf games i sttoped liking it
  2. 4 not much i am kinda good at code
  3. Kinda
  5. Eh idk what you mean by that
  6. Ya
  7. Kinda im helping Paydent12 make Farm life if you have any ideas for him you can go and suggest them he might update the credits
  8. I have been trying to make a game with code ( not in HS but i dont think HS is bad)
  9. Like i said I stopped liking fnaf