Coding Partner. That's all I have to say. JK it's a competition! FULL


Yeah. You've heard it a thousand times from thousands of people. Who wants to be my coding partner? It will be a competition (I WILL NOT FORGET ABOUT IT LIKE MY OTHER COMPETITION idk why I never get to it...)

It's everyone for themself and there will be a one round competition. Simple? Yep. If you want to compete say something

Peoples in the competition:
1. @Fun_in_the_Sun
2. @EggsOnSaturn1
3. @Deadfr
4. @BlueStarGirl
5. @friendship2468


Can I join this??


Can we join!


Sorry, I. I'm not two people. :joy:


Uh... What's your hopscotch username?


Same as my forum


Okay, thanks!


I will join! MEEP






Ok. @Fun_in_the_Sun @EggsOnSaturn1 @Deadfr @friendship2468 and @BlueStarGirl the one and only challenge is... Make a potato. But not any potato. A magical one who does something fantastic. Like goes to Mars or plays the piano (yes you can use one of those ideas but you don't have too)


I'm just really gonna lose but I will keep on going! (Nowhere)




He's A Rich And Fancy Potato That Is On Hopscotch!


You were supposed to code it.


Here's mine


I slacked on mine. I guess I just wanted to show off my art skills...

Anyways, I coded the potato colors, made a small lyric text, and you get to draw!