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I am looking for a coding partner to code with me on HC. This is what I am looking for in a coding partner:
A coding partner that gets along well with others just incase I end up with more than 1 CP. One that doesn't remix a lot and comes up with their own ideas often, also someone that puts a ton of efort into their projects. I am looking for someone that makes everything, art, music, games, everything. Someone that is on HC a lot because I am on a lot. Someone who has been helpful recently in the community and is nice to everyone. Someone who has a medium level of coding skill! That's what I'm looking for, leave your HC username below if you feel you meet the requirements. Thanks!!! -Crazy_cake


Woops thx for editing :sweat_smile:


Me, although I don't make everything. I only make games, pixel art, and other stuff. Bit, I only have one remixed projext


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I would love to be your coding partner. If I can, what would we start working on?

EDIT : My hopscotch name is Nerd4EverCF


Thank you!!! Everyone @Intellection74 @Paydent12 @Nerd4Ever


Any more I will decide tonight or tomorrow so get in fast!!!


So tomorrow never happened...

Basically I all the sudden I was like, I love to make projects in my own!

But then I relized, I love working with people!

So the deal is with my coding partner you will help me with my projects and I will help you with yours (if you want!) but if I want to do something by myself, I can!


@intellection74, are you still interested? I would love to work with you!


I would love to! Is dat ok?


I'm still deciding :D
What's your HS username?
And do you meet the requirements? :D


My HS username is ArtsyCoders​:paintbrush: You may have heard of me...
Prod not!


I know who you are!
I see you on HS all the time!
Don't I follow you? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am like 99.9% sure apply to the standards I definitely work good with other my account is a collab! I do music but I am not amazing at music. I am a good coder you could say I do lots of art and trail art stuff/art pads I do games but just not as often but I still do them! So do I meet what you need?


Yep :D
I'm going to wait for @Intellection74
Then I might have you code something!
Compare, and choose!
P.s. For everyone, if I don't choose you it's not your fault, I just feel that I fit better with one person or another!


I am not sure? What is your HS name? If you recently followed me in the last 24 hrs then I did not see because my activity broke down but if someone remixes my project I can always go in the remixes of my project area I am glad you known me!


That's totally fine I understand!


I follow you!
I checked :D

I'm pretty sure I followed you a while ago!

I'm Crazy_cake

You follow me :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I know you! Also the only time I remix is when I am doing art and I always use @iMeow's art pad dose that count as too many remixes I hope not! I am just using an amazing art pad for art!


No, it doesn't!

Honestly, I have more remixedps than you!

I have 2 for art fpbefore I go came out with my most recent art pad, and 2 for shoutouts


I went to go look at your profile your awesome!