Coding Partner plz


Hi everyone! I know that there are topics like this already but I just don't know where else to ask! I want a coding partner. Here are the requirements
——————————————————(yes I know but I can't do it in on my Phone)

  1. Must have a hopscotch email
    (For Hopscotch Emails search "Throw away mail" or "Mailinator"
  2. Must have had more than 20 likes (NO REMIXES ALLOWED)
  3. Must have been on for 3-5 months
  4. Must be nice a.k.a everyone
    (Yes I know AGAIN)

Only taking 2 coding partners (May turn into 3)




Oh I don't have email
38 likes on a remix
And I believe 4 months

#4 no caps


Go to Mailinator and make an email it's free


I know but I really already get emails flooding me from the forum my friends and teachers