Coding Partner PLlz



i need a coding partner. requirments: must be a good coder, must have gotten more than 20 likes on a project, and you cannot be a butthead or backstabber


sorry happy face girl


I deleted my post so now no one has to know u said you know what lol
please edit that pard out


Wait, why do u need 20+ likes? U can be a good coder without 20+ likes...


i did not put that. my little brother took the keyboard while i went to empty the dishwasher


Can u edit that pls.? P.s what r u called on HS?


my old account is nboss537 but i gave that to my brother and he renamed it babydaddy. my account is TACOCODE


what is your name on hopscotch?

#10 is in the filter, so I don't think you can say it.


U might already know me, I am DA-BEAST on HS go on trending and find the STI-MOTION game


ok i will. go into notifications in 5 minutes. i will have followed you by then.


I won't be ur coding partner, but I can help u with code...


you should check out my account. @TACOCODE


I have and I have liked ur projects


thnx DA-BEASTY 4200605


Are there any projects u r working on? That u need help with?


well... i am working on the "weekly taco report 4" right now... can you look around hopscotch for some good juicy taco info for the "taco report" section. if you do that i will give you a shout-out in the weekly taco report 4 :sunglasses: :taco:


Here is some taco facts


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah. i meant on hopscotch. sorry, that is my fault. i should have been more clear.


Kk I will find some HS tacos!