Coding Partner: Needed! 💕



Hey Guys! :two_hearts::yum:

I've been thinking about this for awhile and I've finally decided. I would like a coding partner!
I've seen many others do it. So... I will hold a contest, in order to decide the best coding partner. Before I start start talking about details, I want to make it clear that the contest is not about who's the best, it's about who works best with my style of coding! Have Fun! :joy:


  1. There is only one round!

  2. If your entry is submitted late, you will be eliminated
    NOTE: If everyone misses it, the date will be extended

  3. I have some Hopscotchers that I suggested. These Hopscotch do not have participate. Also, just because I suggested them, doesn't mean that they are going to be my coding partner.

  4. I want Hopscotchers who put effort into their projects, not RP's or Chatting.

  5. Please reply with the link to your project when you submit!

Fill Out the Form to Enter:

Note: everyone is open to enter!! :grin:

Hopscotch username:
Do you want to have a Collab account?
Forum username:
Is it okay if we have coding partner chat topic?
Any Suggestions:
Notes/Extra Things to Know:

Suggested People

I don't have any...
Their all taken... :pensive:

Any others? Please Reply!

~ @Fintastic05 :sparkling_heart::yum: (a.k.a. Strawberry Sweetness on Hops)


Aww! I'm a suggestion? c:

Thank you so much! :0

The thing is.. I already have a coding partner! :0

It's @EnchantedAnimallover! :0

I feel really bad now ;-;

Please tag me if you need any help! c:

;-; I feel really bad. ;-;

I would love to help you with anything you need, though! :3


So I guess both of you are off the table...
I guess I'll have to keep looking

Sighs :pensive::sweat_smile:



I wish I could do something to make you feel better. ;-;

WAIT! :0

I got something! :D


waiting patiently... :sweat_smile::two_hearts:


Just you wait.. XD


I saw that edit... :joy:


Yep lol XD

Just know that you're very awesome, and that you don't need to be my coding partner to receive some kind of recognition or rank. c:

You're a coding partner to me! You help others, and give splendid shoutouts that are sure to make someone's day. c:

You're an awesome person! Just because you can't be something doesn't mean that you aren't the awesome, kind, respectful, caring, and sweet person that you absolutely and truly are. :0



Thanks @Maltese! You made my day!

I just really wanted a Hopscotcher to work with, but it seems like no one's answering. :pensive::grin:



Man, I wish I could help. ;-;


The fact that no one is answering makes me feel like a bad coder and Hopscotcher! :pensive::disappointed_relieved:

After all, it's turned into a @Maltese and @Fintastic05 Topic!


Man.. I feel the same way. ;-;

I can't ask on other topics -- it would be advertising, which isn't allowed. ;-;

I'm so sorry you feel that way. ;-;

I don't want anyone to feel like that, ever.

I will figure out something. :D


Hopscotch Username: tankt2016
Do you want to have a Collab account? Yes.
Forum username: @Obvious.
Is it okay if we have a coding partner chat topic? Yeah.
Any Suggestions: …
Notes/Extra Things to Know: I will be on less during the summer, and constantly tag us so we don't forget the deadline!


Ok, Thanks @Maltese!! :grin:

I really classify you as an actual best friend - When everyone is out, you support your friend no matter what. That's what real best friends are made of!! :two_hearts:

P.S. Please don't advertise!


I won't! c:

I just really want to help -- it would be rude, in my opinion, to say you can't, and then leave without helping. :0


Thank you, @tankt2016 for being the 2nd person to answer! :two_hearts:

I will consider your submission! Thanks, Again!! :sweat_smile:

If your the only one, your automatically my Coding Partner!


Yeah, It would!

Thanks for realizing!! :joy:

P.S. I think I'm my happy self again!!


That's great. c:

It makes me smile to know that you're happy! :D

Do you still need help? c:


Same Here! XD


I'll tag you on this topic if I still do!


Great! c:

Please tag me if you do! c:

It would be a pleasure to help you! c: