Coding Partner is open! :)


So, bluedogmc does have a partner, but I'm still looking! If any of you would like to be my partner just contact me!


No thanks to the partner but welcome! Tag me anytime like "@KVJ"!


Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you find a good coding partner!
Here, I'll use the OMTL:




@tek1228_fourm try to limit topics about the same thing. If there are too many duplicates, the forum will be clogged with spam.


Sure thing boi but when I'm not on IM NOT ON


@MobCraft I'll be a partner


Last thing I might not reply to something's sense the activity has been higher then ever at 62!


I'll apply! Just remember, I can't get the money update, nor do I have the other update, the one that completely changed the editor. I do have it on one iPad, but not the one I normally use.


What are your your Hopscoth Usernames and I'll follow you! :smile: