Coding Partner for Me!



Hello everyone!
How are you doing.
Oh gosh
I'm being too formal
So sup, I need a partner and ALL you have to do is fill out dis form and reply to it!
How many featured or trending (Don't worry if there aren't any, I've never gotten featured):
What you want to make with me:

Tanks woo

(Drops mic)
Wren. Out.

(Walks to stairs


Sticks thumbs up into air)


Nice non-formalness 11/10

*Helps up stairs

Off topic but I just went to the library and got The Fault In Our Stars


Your nice
Your my new best friend
Lol jk


So... I'm not your new best friend? ;-;


No you are. Duh. Wait, did you come here to be my coding partner orrrr


No, I would love to but I'm wayyyyyyyyyy too busy.



I knew I was forever alone

Lol jk


No I'm forever alone.

*Crawls into dark hole

This is the third/fourth time I've crawled into this dark hole now.

*Continues reading The Fault In Our Stars

Lol no jk but I do like crawling into dark holes and reading books.


Hey Caroline,sup can I be ur partner???


My name is Ashley. You can call me Ash Tree.
I do not have a featured or trending project ):

You can check out my hopscotch acount, it's called My_Pizza

Currently I am making a project where it's a staring contest against a emoji and you can select the difficulty (which just selects how long the game lasts.