Coding Partner :D (Chosen)



I need a coding partner ;D @everyone

must be on featured or rising or trending at least once
must be active and friendly ;D

Write something telling why you want to be my coding partner ;D

I will chose 2...

this sounds so evil...Sorry lol

Friendly mass tag list


I'm active, and I try hard to be friendly unless someone is being rude to me. I've been featured before, and a seven projects on the top of trending.


@Sparkczy do not forget this part ;D


Well, I kind of admire you. You're a good coder, and are really nice/polite to everyone on the forum and HS.


I could maybe do it…

Been on Trending with a remix once
Very active, on almost daily, very friendly

I'd like to be your coding partner because you're such a good, kind, friendly, helpful coder!


@Sparkczy wow thanks


Well yay I can't do this and I was hoping SOOOO BAD that I could be a coding partner​:sob:


So want to but I've never been on futured or rising!:frowning:


@Deadfr what about trending?




I've been features and I'm considering a partner


I think you have...


@GrizTheBear dont forget this part ;D


I never even check I only check fuered and newest
(Sry for bad vocabulary!)


ok well i think you have so you can apply ;D


I'm looking for a parter who can commit, be decently active, and up for some Hopscotchin'


I'm very active like daily and I've only wanted a coding partner like a @Wookie your so nice to and good at coding!


I met all the requirments! Can I join?


Yeah sure @Fun_in_the_Sun

Just dont forget this


Use the updated tag list, please.