Coding partner contest(Hoped hoper)



Ok I've been waiting forever but I'll have a codingpartner!
So I'll have 3 rounds and you make different projects and the one with the highest scores wins!

How to enter/requirements

so to enter here's the requirements
1(At lest been on for 4 months
2(must have a trending at least
3(you must have experience with co-operation

To enter you must fill a form before the 27th of September
Then here's when rounds are starting and ending

1st round(28th-3rd October
2nd round(4th-14th
3rd round 14-24


Had a trending before?:
Been on for 4 months(I WILL CHECK THIS!)?:
Example of co-operation:(eg coding group)
HS username




I would love to be ur coding partner! But sadly, I don't have a trending.


Surely you've been at the very bottom and not noticed
Cuz I remember seeing you down there


No, not once. I barely get 20 likes. But hey, this is my life :wink:


I'll except you in the challenge if you like​:wink:


No, I'm fine, because then others that haven't had trendings will want to be accepted too. So yeah...


I could always let them join in

Really at first I thought I shouldn't put the rule in


Hmph. Anyways, I'm not that active anymore. I think it'll be better for someone more active than me. Thanks though!




I would like to join bit I have not had a trending yet !




@AwesomeNachos i thought we were coding partners!!!?


On my coding partner thing i said u could be my coding partner!!