Coding Partner Competition!


I have decided to have a coding partner competition, inspiration from @Snoopy!

If you are interested, tell me here, but fill out the project on Hopscotch! Here are the rules, and what this is about.

I need a coding partner! So, if you are interested, fill out the form below! There will be rounds, where the people who are in the same "group", or level of coding face each other, until there is only one person left from each group. If you sign up, you must complete the challenge for the category that you are assigned to. There will be a new challenge every 4 days, and I can eliminate no people or many people. Thanks!


Is anyone interested?


Where is the form? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol we typed at the same time


I published a project with the form.:stuck_out_tongue::wink:


I can't go on hopscotch right now ;-;

Our school is updating their firewall or something and hopscotch is blocked

(Can't see pictures either)


Cool! I'd love to join.


Okay! Here it is:
Number of features:
Most amount of likes:
What type of project do you make most?
Notable followers:

  1. 1 on this acc
  2. 3250+
  3. Music, or shoutouts
  4. @Gilbert189, @OrangeScent1, @LotsaPizza, @hansonnoah, @RenegadeBird1, @Valgo, @AHappyCoder, @Rawrbear (included you this time :wink: ) @cherrycupcake, @SmilingSnowflakes, @QueenAkita (on the forum??), @YuxinaYammy, @randomowlsLC @Pingu, @SmileyAlyssa, Lots more :0

I forgot the rest ;-;


I was the first one with a coding partner I think :blush::blush::blush:


Lol what?
Me and hiimnew were coding partners since 2014 November


Oh. I was a one that had a competition that went on recently for a while.




@Gilbert189, I posted it. Also, on SmileyAlyssa's "which hopscotcher are you like?" project I was most like you. (fun fact)


I've never tried this before, but I'll come let :wink:

Number of features: 5
Most amount of likes: 4,400 or something in there
What type of project do you make most? I have no idea!
Notable followers: I can't keep track, but @OrangeScent1 @MagmaPOP @SUPERSWAGGY ToasterRebellion, +many more

  1. 0 :sob:
  2. 64
  3. Logos, Visual Effects, etc.
  4. @Gilbert189 @OrangeScent1 @Follow4LikesOfficial @SmileyAlyssa Swift771 Awsome Johnson @Rawrbear MasterMind Creations @Snoopy @comicvillestudios Bananadog @PopTart0219 @YuxinaYammy


Yay! People have joined!

The rounds will be set up with 3 "groups", group 1 being the least "advanced", and group 3 being the most "advanced". I'm gonna keep track of who is in each group. I will have challenges every 3 days, and I will eliminate people from each group. Eventually, we will have one person left from each group, and they will all face off in 1 final round! :wink:


I really want to do it but I'm already @SmileyAlyssa's coding partner :confused:


I see meh name! :+1::blush:


If it's okay with @SmileyAlyssa, it's fine with me to do multiple collabs!:wink:


Yay is it ok @SmileyAlyssa?