Coding Partner Comp! - Vani yey walk into dis topic



Ok, before I change my really really cringy profile pic, does anyone want to be my coding partner? I have a lot of free time and 100 percent of that free times goes to checking my notifications on hopscotch. I need to make my life more full.

Someone please put on global edit ;D

Add Ur Name Here:


Collab Prizes:

Follow From Me if not already
Drawing of You or something
Trail art of your choice project
I'll have my sis, Vi Vi draw you on HS


About How many times do you remix every week?:
How many features:
Strengths and Weakness in coding:
What do u often publish:
Do u rp?:
Do you remember ur HS password?
Do you like logging back and forth in different accounts:


Plus, I'm expecting 8 people to compete! :D
Features won't effect your appearance on me, remixes too. I totally understand if all your remixes are from art pads because u are an artist. I want to see what people can code, also if u rp which most people on the forum do not do if they are active on here. Note: please be somewhat active on the collab account. :blush:


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oke...would u like to be mah coding partner? Hold on a sec... I forgot the form and OTML!


I'm sorry, I already have a coding partner
and I'm really busy so




I wish I can join but I can't!





About How many times do you remix every week?: Never in my life.

How many features: None
Strengths and Weakness in coding: pixel art and Quizes=Weakness Backgrounds and Games=strength
What do u often publish: about every two days
Do u rp?: no
Do you remember ur HS password? Yah
Do you like logging back and forth in different accounts: do it all the time


Waiting for Le People to Join...

Due Date:

October 20

if we don't have 8 people by the date and have 5 or 6 or less then that will make the competition easier



Please get ready for the 1st Event:

Quiz Making!

If you do not know how to make quizzes, search my "What Planet Are You Quiz" and see how I make it. You can copy the code, but please give credit, or that will be plagiarism. Everyone keeps liking that project it was like 10 weeks ago :joy:


I made a quiz
Ot's really easy, but it was 1st trending


cool! I don't like making simple quizzes becuz they have no pazzaz XD
I like adding trail art or shapes in the background to make it interesting.


When is it due? I am almost done, but I have been busy with #hhc2016


we haven't even started! Okay, this is final. The contest starts at 4th of November. I will be at the Philippines at this time, so I'll come back to America after a week. I will be giving you 2 weeks to work on this. After my trip, I will check on how everyone is doing. Giving feedback, advice, and more, but not too much!

Quiz Making!

You will be judged on creativity, and be expected to make a background for the quiz, cuz I like colour. Creativity is very important! It takes up 25/50 points of your grade. I would recommend using HSBs, and not use a lot of shapes while making you background. Then you will have to make a lot of "When ___ is tapped..." blocks. So if you make it all of trail art, all you have to do it leave a trail (the color that fits the most with your background).


Creativity: __/25
Variety of Colors: __/5
Appropriateness: __/5
Code Complexity: __/10
Effort: __/5

In All: __/50


It isn't too late to sign up! :D


Hi. You're acting Iike the teacher with _/25 and all that stuffs XD


oke, lol. Hey umm can we schedule the pizza lunch tomorrow? I need to let mah mom know if she packs me lunch..