Coding Partner? (CHOSEN)



So recently, I have been coding a lot, and I realized.
I'm not sure what I'm doing.
Pretty much, I have been working on a project for weeks now, and it just isn't coming together. Also, I don't have many ideas for games, and I want a friend. So I need a coding partner!
-ChiTea :tea:


Yes me! I will help!! @Sparkczy


YESSS i was hoping you would ask :333
okay i will post what I have been working on!
Poptart0129 helped me btw


K sounds good.



What's the problem with it?


When you turn up the heat on the griddle, it just kinda explodes.By the way, I am working on a new project inspired by your neko atsume thang :333 its gonna be goat evolution!
ok back on topic: it just goes crazy. i will fix it though...


K sounds good!


I'm trying to make a cat design for the neko atsume thang


Oh dear god I just got featured


Really awesome! For what?


My entry on @seawolfwerehorse 's contest! I guess the Hopscotch team liked it?


So many like and plays now! I've never had something on featured or trending or rising!


Hey! Am I able to be your partner as well?


Hi! i saw your project on featured! its awesome!


Si. I have to go eat dinner but si
omg so many awesome people are here :stuck_out_tongue:
And thanks, SmileyAlyssa


It depends what project do you need help on because i will help:grinning::grinning:


I need help on Make Pancakes 2!!
Check it out, my profile is ChiTea


I will try to help out