Coding Partner Challenge!



Hi! This is iPenguin or Penguin Gaming! I am having a coding partner contest and I'm down to the final 2 contestants! Please go to my profile (iPenguin:penguin:) and play both projects I've published called #CodingPartners. Then come back to this post and vote for the better one! Thx!

  • My life in a Nutshell by FruityKebab:dango:
  • Checkpoint by ArjunisCool


Thanks for voting!


I don't see the projects. Can you post the links here?


I'll post the links in a sec. But when you search up iPenguin, click on the second one with the emoji and the first two projects called #CodingPartner.


Links to the 2 finalists: - My Life in a Nutshell (by FruityKebab) - Checkpoint (by ArjunisCool)

When you're done playing the projects, please vote for the best one!


Your not allowed to use a pic of you on your profile :wink:


Sharing a personal photo can be dangerous, especially on social media, when there are people you don't know. :wink:
Please be considerate about what you would like to share!


It's not allowed to have your face as your profile pic, please change it because it's safer not to share personal info on the Internet, hope you understand:) we aren't trying to be harsh:) we just want everyone to be safe on the forum


This is your last week to vote on the better game! Please vote TODAY!