Coding on iPad Compared to Coding on iPhone! (Layout, positions, etc.)



I wanted to create a fun, but useful topic! I hope that no one has created this kind of topic! If anyone created a topic like this, please tell me, as I will be super happy and positive to recycle!

Well, I love the drawing topic, so this is basically that! Except it's with coding! You can compare coding on the normal iPad and on the phone beta!

I can't wait to see your coding skills and such! Let's get started!

Hopscotch on iPad vs. Hopscotch on iPhone
Hopscotch on iPad vs. Hopscotch on iPhone

Smart topic!

I have been thinking of doing this, except with trail art! :D


That's a great idea! I find it difficult to code new projects on the iPhone; I'm too used to the iPad layout XD




Which is better? Hopscotch on iPad or iPhone? I use hopscotch on my school iPad, but I have an android phone so I don't know what its like to use hopscotch on an iPhone (hopefully tht will make a android version of hopscotch :smile:.) Well, meanwhile, maybe this discussion will help me see whats better, iPad or iPhone!!!!

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I cant say.

I dont have or used an iphone before xD


I personally havent used hopscotch on iphone either but i think ipad is better because its a bigger screen


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Could THT advise of the known issues with projects coded on an iPad when played on an iPhone, or vice versa?

I think it's really important that projects work the same on both platforms. Or at a minimum that users can code to accommodate translation problems.

My impetus for asking is my project Blue Ball - Da Bomb v1.0, which was recently featured, is getting a number of remixes saying "bugs", "gets stuck", "bad", "fixed", etc. I coded this on an iPad & sent a significant amount of time on the project (probably more than 200 hrs all added up). I sent a considerable amount of time on QA, fixing every last little detail. So the remixed comments are very... disappointing.

I also noted that the project looks different in many of the remixes (also disappointing).

In an effort to troubleshoot the unexpected feedback, I installed Hopscotch on my iPhone. Low and behold, I find the exact same anomalies that were expressed in the remixes.

  1. On the iPhone the project gets stuck on level 2 when the ball tries to scroll from bottom to top. Now with both platforms, I can experiment and code around the problem, but users shouldn't have to do this. And they can't code around problems they don't know about (if they don't have both platforms).

  2. On an iPad, the project looks like this:

    However, on my iPhone the project looks like this (the spinning "vortex" & the lettering has changed):

Could you explain the root cause of these issues & give us a "heads up" to any other known translation problems? Thank you!