Coding on HS compared to coding on other programming languages [official take1]


I try new one every day!
•Swift Playgrounds
•Scratch Jr
I really like these! So I recommend all of these programming languages!

I would like to try more!

this is why I am on this topic


Hi people of the universe I have emerged from not being on the forum. I have a question about Python for some reason when there are multiple mistakes it only highlights one :stuck_out_tongue: idk why


@rawrbear dude u liked in like 0.3 milliseconds lol


With most IDEs or text editors, you have to fix syntax errors chronologically; it simply doesn't go on if you don't fix them like that. This is especially with parentheses or quotation marks, as it thinks that all of the code afterwards is part of that unclosed function or string. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Did they revamp the user home interface on TF?


All I understand when I look at that acronym is Team Fortress, a video game. What do you mean by that? ^^;


Lol :smiley: "revamp" as in like make it look cooler


But my iPad is gonna die


Er, what does TF mean?


TF means "the forum"


Hi there! I'm just an ancient person who decided to break the probably still-uncourteous unspoken role of commenting on an old post!

One of the main reasons I am mostly inactive on hopscotch is school, but the other is that I've been obsessively working on binging all the anime learning as many written languages as possible.

So for I have "mastered" these:
- html5
- css3
- javascript
- python3

and I'm currently working on php, with java being next in line.

If you have any questions about any of these languages, I can probably answer now that it's finals week and I'm trying to find anything to do other than study for finals It's almost summer, and I should be a lot more active on the forums! =D

for now, a summary:
- html5: the internet, but, like, when it was still dial up
- css3: prettification of the html5
- javascript: The glorious interractiveness that hopscotch is all about (builds off html5)
- python3: The stand-alone do-anything program, it really does do anything
- php: Serverside mind-boggling mess of confuzzle that's pretty neat when it works

And difficulty: (1-10)

hopscotch: 1.5
scratch: 2.5
python3: 4
html5: 5
css3: 4
javascript: 6
php: 8

note that this list is written by somebody who is already "proficient" (I can makes the hello world) in each of these languages (except php), so my scale may be a bit off. My advice on order: whatever you're doing, do python first, it helps a lot with getting used to how written code works. From there get super basic html5 (to the point that you can implement a script tag) and then do javascript; suddenly you can make anything you could make in hopscotch or scratch, but 20 times faster, and more professionally. It's kinda neat.

[large wall of text is large]


What's the best way to learn python in? Books, internet tutorials etc?


Hearing another contribution is awesome, if anything!


It looks like you are curious to learn it :blush: (I think that's all you need really :upside_down:)

As for resources, whichever you choose with books, written tutorials or videos, or interactive tutorials, I think it can be helpful to tinker with the code — you can try adding your own remixes to examples and seeing what happens. (Does it work as you expect?)

I see you are taking a look between those resources. I think it's up to you which you like :relaxed:




@Rawrbear recommended SoloLearn. They also have several courses for other programming languages.


I know html, a bit of Javascript (I"m still learning it!), I obviously do Hopscotch, and I'm on Scratch.


"best way" to learn python?

I do not know of this "best way", but I do know a few ways, here's how I did it:

1: make a 1080p 60fps... FPS... that works on a graphing calculator
2: realize you can't do that
3: A few basic youtube tutorials
4: Knowing syntax, jump in (google, w3 schools, and are your friends) and make a thing. Then, make another thing. Find a module you like, use that to make a better thing. Find another module, and another, and mash all of those into one super thing. Then take all your things, and make one thing to rule them all. Proceed to make more things. (repeat step 4 until you win)

(skip steps 1 and 2 for optimal speed)

I'm currently on step 4 and will never leave it, ever. (python, like every other programming languages, is constantly changing)

Also, one final note: Everyone googles some things they don't know about, even the techno-wizards need to reference their spellbooks every now and then. It doesn't mean you're bad at programming, it means you're challenging yourself. (I had to learn that one the hard way; repeatedly giving up and binging my sadness away through anime... okay maybe it wasn't the "hard" way, but still.)


I spend most of my time making ridiculous websites and writing stories. I haven't combined the two yet. But here's a little thing I made: DA ROBOTS ARE ATTACKING

And here's another little thing: The end...of the internet....=|


Honestly, I think it can be easy to learn the basics of coding other languages but it could take years before you could actually make something new or amazing (like the internet). But when I think of Hopscotch, I say that it is very easy to learn, and you can make fun games and art very easily without much expierence! However, to get to more complicated things it could still take a while.