Coding on HS compared to coding on other programming languages [official take1]


Coding on HS compared to coding in other programming languages (Take 1!!!!)

Hi! I've seen the drawing topics. I don't know if this topic exist so if you've seen a topic like this please tell me! (I SEARCHED :D)

So hopscotch is for coding/programming right? Well I've seen people post about other programming languages and projects for example projects on Kodu or Scratch. In this topic feel free to post about any programming language/ projects!
Bye !!!! (If I'm the first one to make a topic like this I will make it official!)


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Ok, well idk but......

Do you have any computer languages you really want to learn??


Well I already know swift so yeah any other programming languages


Do you find swift that hard?


This is a really good topic and a great idea!


I think almost every code, once learned, is much better than Hopscotch because they are all more powerful than it. For example, Python (the easiest in my opinion) is far more powerful than drag and drop. However, Hopscotch is much easier to use than anything else, and still has enough possibilities to where you can be very creative!

Great topic!


Well scratch is like hopscotch just with studios and more blocks


I Am getting Swift Playgrounds rn


Python is easy. And fun. You should try it.


I've used quite a few programming languages, obviously including hopscotch. Here are some of the others:

  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Lua
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++ (not much though)
  • Swift (not much though)

I'll rank each of the languages based on complexity and how hard they are to learn. (1 is very easy, 10 is very difficult to learn):

  • Hopscotch - 2
  • Scratch - 3
  • Python - 4
  • Lua - 4
  • JavaScript - 5
  • Java - 7
  • C++ - 8.5
  • Swift - 6


Also, here's a cool thing I made in JavaScript: this!

I can explain what it is if anyone wants to know, it's pretty cool.


coo is Java Script easy or hard I guess once u have the hang of it it wil be easy!
(@Rawrbear I know u will likw this as well as @BuildASnowman)


JavaScript is pretty easy, but it does get more complicated once you get into some things like DOM, graphics, and more.


The only other ones I partially understand beside Hopscotch are Scratch and Tynker. I know a very small amount of Python.


This afternoon I'm going to a science thing, and at the end we'll be coding something in IDK what programming language.


Hmmm, let's see. Everything else I find boring. I spent a lot of time on Hopscotch and whenever I tried a different coding language I failed or didn't like it.


Yeah, I can definitely agree with this ranking. Are there pointers in Java, or does it dynamically sort RAM for you?


I think it automatically sorts ram, but I have no idea XD


I know scratch and I'm learning HTML


The only programming language I bother to use anymore is scheme.