Coding on Hopscotch Compared To Real Code (Coding Methods, Styles, etc.)


Continuing the discussion from Making Games on Hopscotch Compared to Scratch, or any coding website:

Here, compare games and programs made by Hopscotch with real coded stuff! :D


Cool! I don't know much code though other than Hopscotch.


What do you mean by "real code"? Like Python, HTML and Java etc?

I only know a bit of Python…

print("Le XD!")

Le XD!





In my opinion hopscotch is mostly pre made code that you tell what to do and I've coded using html and for that you have to do everything.


<font color="red">This is some text!</font>


I only know Scratch. Besides Hopscotch.


I know Tynker, Scratch, Hopscotch, HTML, and I am learning CSS.


Python is a lot more text...

This is an example

Undertale_Characters = [temmie, papyrus, sans]
temmie papyrus sans


While that_post == existing:
print("yes there are more lines!")


yes there are more lines!


But día dun work!!


I have just started programming arduino, my parents gave me a Zumo robot, designed for robot zumo and I have coded to to locate a target then push it (.-.)


Nice! Which sensor(s) did you use? :o


Ultra Sound

Can send a vid,
Gimme a min


Here it is


Woahh that’s so cool :D


Thanks :s

It’s a pity Zumos are like $100


Cool topic! I am learning Ruby right now, and found one thing that is hard to do in both scratch and hopscotch -
Let’s say that you make a bunch of objects and copy the code from one to another. They’re all cats, but some are Siamese and some are calico. Some like to talk, some don’t, some can do tricks, some don’t, you get my drift. So you copy the code and make changes to them. But then you decide to add new code to your cats. The problem is, you have to copy and paste the code into All. Ten. Copies. Of. Your. Object.
In ruby, you can create a class of objects, and only have to change one thing to make the rest change! You can also have sub classes. For example -
New class: Mammals - all mammals can breathe (create function breathe)
New sub class: Cats - all cats can meow and eat (create those functions)
New sub of the sub class: Calico cats - all calico cats can do a special trick (create that function)
If you want to add a new feature that mammals can do, all you need to do is change a function in the class “Mammals” and now, boom, all cats, calico cats, and other mammals can do that function!
Anyway, that some coding languages are more powerful than HS.


One constraint is that VoidLoop only runs one thread, so if in HS you have Octo jump the wait and you have Dino walking forward, that works but in Arduino, Di o would stop walking when octo waits, so basicly the micro controller is single core