Coding On Hopscotch Compared To Other Coding Languages(New Topic)



I would like to see what coding on other programming languages compared to other programming languages and even more programming languages…yeah. So just post any code you want to share and it can be from any programming language!
Credit to: @Hermione for original topic idea
So don’t say SBYP because the other topic didn’t have an OMTL like this one will have. And people get annoyed when you tag the OMTL in the middle of the topic because they have no idea why you tagged them.


Just to be clear doesn’t not say SBYP. I also got Hermione’s permission to make another of these topics because the other one just wasn’t active at all.


I,don’t use any other coding languages lol


I code mostly using Hopscotch, but also a little bit on Python. :slight_smile:


I KNOw lot of different coding languages…
Some other ones I forgot the names of


Hopscotch and scratch both use the coding language Alice




I use hopscotch, scratch, and c# on unity


I don’t think so.


You know that there is actually coding on the hopscotch forum? How do you make polls. How do you make your text bold? Its all with a coding language called HTML. HTML is really easy to learn, But all you can make with it is websites


Actually, polls are B.B. code I think. And the easiest bold text is using Markup.


If you guys want to be a programmer when you grow up, I reccomend learning swift. You can start with the app ‘Swift Playgrounds’ but the app isn’t the best. You can also download XCode onto your apple laptop/computer and code using Swift. Swift is one of the easiest coding languages to learn. With swift you can make iPad apps, iPhone apps, iMessage sticker packs, iWatch apps and apple TV apps. You can look up some youtube tutorials about how to use swift.


<p> This is how you display text using HTML</p>
<b> This is how you make bold text which works on the forum. </b>


I know that.