Coding Mancala?



Well, I'm coding Mancala, and I need some help on it….
The AI's concept is pretty simple (check the number and group for things), and the overflows, extra turns, stealing, grouping and bead count can also be easily done with clones, but how would the AI and the player move the beads?
How can you make the beads drop accordingly to the number?


@oio? Lol


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I think it's a board game (but it's not on a normal game board)'s complicated XD


It's a board game that's concept is simple, and yes, versions of it can be found on the App Store, as flash games, and on other devices. :D


Forgot the rules to this game had to look them up. XD
--Repeat (Some value that can detect number of pebbles in hole)
|Increase (Pebbles in hand) by -1

IDK, maybe speed or rotation can help detect the pebbles in a hole.


I think I can use Check Once if X position is smaller or bigger than for that and increase the value of pebbles in that hole by 1 in another Check Once if, which at the end has a set value deactivating the Check Once if's inside code, but it's just theory….
I haven't actually put that in my lazy project yet….


I love Mancala! I might be able to help! I'm trying to picture it, hold on.


Probably going to take up 20+ long lines of code, now that I think about it….
So, can anyone close?