Coding Ideas to share! (CLOSED)


Share coding ideas here but don't go off topic!


Let's get the nuke! You know, you should search before you post, there are tons of topics like this. :wink:


Ok I will close this! :relaxed:


Only leaders can permanently close topics. If you want, you can ask the leaders to close it.


Okay @Anonymous your a leader so can you close this please.


I think it's possible for you to reuse this topic! For more information, visit @OrangeScent1's topic!


meme lord @OrangeScent1



For more information, visit my topic!


The cringeeeee
Was I really like this 2 years ago


Let’s cringe at ourselves 2 yrs ago together lol


lol did you make dis topic?


you did but why did you close it


Yh lol :joy:
CrazyGenius75 made this lollll


i dont get why it had to be closed tho… i mean it looks like you just made it and then after that your asked to close it…why? Was there already a topic to this?