Coding Ideas (muchly needed!)



Anything Original?

Hello, friends! Soooo, I have hit a pothole in finding ideas for coding. Can I have some ideas? I will leave credit when I publish them.

Tank oo! (It's how you say thank you now) XD

Edit: Heh, almost forgot…



Make your favourite game


How about Pokemon Go? No one has made one with multiple Pokemon to catch, a map, and Pokestops yet


Well @Funky_63_Greenland has done it.It is on featured. I honestly don't like Pokémon.


How about you make a Horse Racing game!!


Heh, I didn't know that. Lemme check it out.


That sounds fun!!! I can ask @FoodDelivery for some help. We do share an account. Thanks for the great idea! Anything else?


Thanks!! Let me think!! How about a Zoo Simulater?


Best idea ever!!! I'm not super good at simulators. Although I have never tried.


How do you choose which hopscotchers to put on the list?


Which list are you talking about?


This list


Just add yourself. Easy peasy


But I can't edit it


Then go to @PopTart0219's topic. Just look up OMTL


There isn't a pencil


Hoo boy. Have you found Poptart's topic yet?


Yeah, good idea.

I think it would be nice to help her. Or him. Probably her


No it's fine. I like spam. Heeheeeheeeeeeheeheeheeheehe
I am so strange


The post is to long to read