Coding hotel business



This was inspired by @Huggingfluffybear. Hey guys I'm starting a hotel. Now let me explain the details. When you ask for the chat pass your a regular and you have 100 code hotel points. You can book rooms for the price of 50 currency. When you ask to stay at a regency(you have to stay at place first(the place is the first hotel)) you get gold. When your gold you have rewards that are given to gold members. You can also access suites. When your promoted to staff you have a special room and can help promote and get rooms. When your really nice you get platinum. You can access presidential suites as well. Now let's talk about the room packages.

Deluxe room.
-one room for a stay of a week
-access to the restaurant
-access to the pool.
-access to the spa
-access to the fitness center

Suite(must be gold or above)
-better room for 4 days
-everything on the deluxe

Presidential suite.(must be a platuinum)
-better room for 2 days
-everything on the deluxe

Now your rules for the stay.
-can't publish a project without my permission
-can't publish a project without mine or a staffs permission
-if your gold platinum or staff you can publish a project
See you there


First people 5 who ask to join get staff


Ooh, this sounds pretty cool and luxurious to me! Can I join?


whats the maximum that u can stay?


1 day to 1 week. If your gold you may get free nights


Yes you are now staff


If you join your staff


People who are staff go into the topic I will link


Hey people Anyone wanna stay


Oke here's the staff room

Staff room for code hotel

Hey there's a special lounge for staff. There's also one for gold and platinum members. You get gifts while your not in the room. There's also a freezer for drinks and a vending machine in the deluxe room


I wanna join! Anyways where are the rooms gonna be. In Hopscotch?


Yeah there all diffrent accounts


So many hotels omg
Megaman3's, Explorer_'s, HFB's, and HopedHoper's


Yeah I know. It's crazy right




You people are driving me insane. Can someone else book a room. Just two more people and I can get this business running


I don't really need a room tho D:
But if u really want me to get one I can get one but I'll probably never use it XD


The point of the hotel is to have fun. So your not supposed to need a room. Your supposed to want it


Ok guys let me get your room ready. Since your staff you can chose what type of room you want @MobCraft @TheRealBlah @JaggedJeans and @KawaiiRose