Coding help needed with project I'm making


I'm making a popcorn machine game and I need help. So the popcorn is supposed to fly out of the machine and your supposed to catch it, but the popcorn piece is not doing that. Here's the code, thanks if you can help!

if you need to see more code just tell me


I found a semi mistake, Instead of Change X by, it should by Change Y by. But it's still not working like I want it to.


Why does it need to move to the right forever? Also, why do you need a "Repeat Times 1" if it's in a Repeat Forever loop? If you took the "Repeat Times 1" out, it would've done the same thing.


I don't know why the repeat forever 1 is there. I'll take it out, but I still need help with popcorn piece.


Is it supposed to go up, then down?


It's like popcorn in real life, it's supposed to pop out of the machine, so yes. Its supposed to do that


So the Change X by 1000, which you said is supposed to be Change Y by 1000, should be Change Y by -1000 because a - means negative, and a negative number goes opposite of positive. Since positive numbers go up on the Y axis, the negative number will go down.


Oh yea, I wasn't specific enough, I already did that, I just forgot the - sign. But its still not working, I think its because of the other code. I'll post a picture of the code here soon.


Hey can you post it I'll save as draft and then you can remove it.


ok but you have to wait, my ipad is charging right now, I'm on my laptop so plz just wait Sorry It takes a while to charge


Ok I.might have to in the morning I have to study I have an exam tomorrow and it's already past when I should be asleep :sweat_smile:


Well, unfortunately, there is no physics in hopscotch, (I hope they add it in soon). So, you have to create a block: change y by, and make it the desired number. Then Underneath it put another change y by, and make it the same number as the previous one, accept with a - In front of the number.


I was asleep, so I didn't see this, I'll check my code, to see if this works


Sorry for replying late, anyway here is the code