Coding Gossips [OFFICIAL]

I once bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max (not exactly the one I have now), and it had a severe ghost touch problem. I had to return the iPhone because of it…

Just something to be aware of when buying used or refurbished products…


Apparently, there’s over 400 new features in iOS 17 alone (most of which we will never use or even notice at first glance).

the update is out now, btw. It’s past 1 PM EST. I do recommend waiting until a later update like iOS 17.1 or 17.2, where it’s much more stable and less prone to bugs and crashes…


The site I’m buying it off of has a 1 year warranty and a 30 day return so I’m feeling pretty good about that.


Apple refurbished phones and stuff are tested and stuff like that before sold
How much storage does it take to download iOS 17? I think it was like 5 gb or something


For me, it was around 6.5 GB. The update page will tell you how much it’ll take…

Also, the minimum requirement to update is at least 20% battery (or while plugged in) and a good Wi-Fi connection.


Oh. Well for me it was like 5.2 GB


I used to have an iPhone 11! It also used to be me dad’s, so technically it was used.

Overall, the iPhone 11 is pretty decent phone. Really, it just depends on what you want, the cameras are not really best, and the battery life when running the latest iOS (which is 17.0) is really bad.

But it’s not all just cons, if you would like a light-ish phone, then I’d say that the iPhone 11 is best for that.
Another pro is that it’s actually compatible with iOS 17!

If you’ve got the money, I’d recommend going for an iPhone 12 or later, but it’s entirely up to you.

In my opinion, the iPhone 12 has the better design because of the flat edges, but that’s just what I think.

Sorry if I sound like I’m writing something for school lol I just love Apple


Dw me too. I could write an essay about it :joy:


I’m probably gonna get one of the “sign up and use our serve ice and get a phone on us” type thing,


i agree yep, i have an iphone 12 and my mom has a 11 (p-m but irrelevant)


wait so Apple possibly fixed the glitchy Safari behavior that’s been occurring since iOS 14? Have you noticed improved smoothness in other websites as well? Cause for me it’s been really glitchy/stuttery/buggy (especially w/ CSS transitions) ever since updating to iOS 14. (I’m still on 16.6.1)


Never noticed that, I’m still on 15 though.
On a side note, safari doesn’t seem to like data pages lol


Usually it happens when there’s a lot of CSS animations and/or if you don’t force quit it for a while. Force quitting it seems to make it better temporarily for me, but it shouldn’t have to.

The web explorer when loading projects, for example, will sometimes have a choppy fade/fly-in animation.


I wonder if I should make a string compressor and decompressor for things like platformer levels in HS, which could have upwards of over 600k characters.

I’m thinking a combination of LZSS (which uses back-referencing) and Run-Length encoding.

Note: it won’t be true LZSS due to obvious reasons…

If only I could turn it into a block like Awesome_E’s webplayer actions… heh, a guy can dream…

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