Coding Gossips [OFFICIAL]

…and I’m currently using it.

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anddd it’s a boring and unnecessary update ._.

im ipad6th gen btw

I’m on my M1 iPad Pro (which means yes, I have stage manager).

Kind of wish we had the Lockscreen customization like on iPhone tho…


nooooo i want that feature so bad haha :joy:

at first i thought stage manager was available to all, but a few weeks back i discovered that wasnt the case ._.

Nope, just the Pros. I think the 9.7” is out of luck, tho…

The older iPads can’t handle 4 windows at once.

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This isn’t entirely true. The A14 with 256GB of storage has memory swap capability and 4GB of RAM, but the M1 with 64GB storage can’t swap RAM. Sure, it might have more of it, but Apple also enabled stage manager for A12X/Z iPad Pros, which also have 4-6GB of RAM and come as low as 64GB storage (2018).

Sure, maybe the 2017 and 2018 base iPads can’t handle it, but other than that, It’s being software locked out of older devices like the Air 4 and Mini 6 considering those have the some of the same RAM and storage configs that supported devices have.

I follow the rumors and betas enough to know that I shouldn’t expect iPadOS to be a huge improvement in any given year.

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My M1 has 512 GB Storage, 8 GB RAM.


It was released yesterday


i know this post is rather old but yes, godot is a another good alternative to unity, i’ve used it a bit, real cool :]


I have learned more about how Lists work in other programming software. A great example being Scratch.

  • Of course, you got the basics like Adding to list, Inserting in list, Removing from list, Deleting all values from the list, and reading values from a specific area in the list.

  • The list reporter* itself (on it’s own) shows the values in the list as a single string, usually separated by spaces. If each value only has 1 character each, it’ll instead show as a string of letters. This, as a result, turns it into a makeshift join block, and it would take much less code than using the join block itself (This is something I found out yesterday).

  • There are lots of thing that would be possible with lists, including Depth Sorting, Storing values with varying lengths (i.e., -100, 500, -58, 7598), Creating Metadata (information about another piece of information), Creating recipes for things like Tile Auto Arranging, and much more (so much more that the new projects that would appear that utilize the lists would skyrocket (foreshadowing)).

*reporter blocks are blocks that store a value used by other blocks like Set Text.

I feel this would be perfect at some time after April 16, 2023 (aka Hopscotch’s 10th B-day).


I am partially planning on taking some Programming course to further extend my coding knowledge. It’s is currently unknown if I will actually join these course, or even be able to, but I have high hopes, and wish for good luck.


why did i get a new topic notification for this reply


Lol. Do you have this topic on watching? Remember, the bell icon with a 1 means new topic, whereas a bell with an exclamation mark means new reply.


oh that makes sense


I just created a basic Minesweeper board using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Works extremely well too. I’m following a YT tutorial on how to create a basic version of minesweeper in JavaScript.


I just learned that .ogg is better than .mp3 in terms of audio quality and file size. Not sure of the quality difference between .wav (which is lossless) and .ogg (which is obviously lossy), but I know it’s a lot smaller (especially since mp3 files are a lot smaller than waveform files alone).

I also know that Minecraft uses .ogg files over any other file due to the smaller size.

I personally use .mp3 because they are easier to get.


what are some ways to learn about/experiment with databasing? mostly the latter as it seems a lot of databasing website are paid for (which makes sense)


You can set up databases locally on your computer, which is completely free! I run PostgreSQL locally on my computer. There are many tutorials online how to install that and many other databases:)

A great way to learn about databases, at least if you know Python, is to learn Django, which uses databases for storing data. On the other hand, it abstracts a lot of things, so you’d learn data structures rather than SQL queries and that kind of stuff. So, if that’s what you want to learn, look elsewhere.


alright, thank you:)


Don’t mean to just push my way into the conversation but would you recommend (or anyone else) learning swift as a first language if you want to code games specifically?