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GitHub/HTML5 Question

Hello, I have a question:
How do I align text with HTML5 on github?

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(Funny enough, this is one of the most frequently asked questions about HTML that I know.)

You’ll need to write CSS to align tags. I’d recommend making a .center-align class and going from there.
If you want to write pretty websites, you’ll need CSS!

You’re free to ask for help here but remember that Google is your best friend for learning. :)

(If you meant HTML5 canvas, you’ll probably need something else. I haven’t really messed with canvas enough though.)


Thanks, I was making a 404 page for my site :wink:
It’s HS related and probably coming out soon


Is it about the D.O.T project?


that isn’t twf lol


I’m going crazy I swear it was :skull::skull::skull:


I definitely do want to learn more about it! I’ve sort of been digging through Unreal to get a basic understanding of how it all works, but it’d be cool to actually mess around with the codebase in Godot.
And yeah, I do agree that Godot’s 3d is pretty impressive! I just feel like the quality and performance aren’t quite up to par with others yet, even Unity’s lower spec pipeline. I took a quick glance at the update though, and it looks AWESOME…


Wow, they really spent years rewriting the engine for Vulkan… That’s really impressive and exciting. Hopefully it holds up - most Vulkan implementations on engines seem a bit slower than OpenGL right now.

And… oh my goodness.
Visuals are, arguably, the first thing everyone notices about a game. For a long time, we really wanted to deliver on that front, but it took a complete rendering overhaul in Godot 4 to finally give us that opportunity. With two new Vulkan backends (Clustered and Mobile), Godot has never been so advanced in rendering.

They made the renderer look AMAZING. Wow.
Also, they added volumetric fog and decals. :eyes:
And a whole physics engine rewrite! And a language rewrite. Also new language features. (And so much more…)

This makes me really really excited - to think Godot could almost be a stand-in for Unreal-level graphics once 4 is out? That would be awesome. So I think there’s some great potential here, especially for a FOSS engine!

Unreal, however does have the real time lighting stuff and all the other advanced features you’d expect from it. Probably not a bad choice either, and their tax isn’t bad.


Yep, and when i code in HTML i always use CSS for removing the serifs, and having a slight background color


“How to vertically and horizontally center a flexbox”


beware of the pipeline:

  1. What is a Flexbox?
  2. Why shouldn’t I use flex everywhere?
  3. How do I unlearn everything I know about flexboxes?
  1. Why did I not learn grid in the first place? (actually though)

Oh yes…

Once I switched over to primarily using Tailwind CSS instead of writing my own style sheets, I eventually stumbled upon grids in their docs and I like them much more. It’s much easier when you eventually want to control how many columns you want per row.


CI/CD! It lets you automatically build your app when you push code to a repo.

I wrote a build workflow that builds my test app and publishes it as a prerelease when I push code to the repo (and of course this is generally pretty excessive but I just wanted to try it):

It’s pretty awesome! I’m using GitHub Actions to automatically build a test app. They give you this for free if your repo is public, and it’s definitely worth using to test other people’s builds, like with pull requests and whatnot.

It just generally saves a lot of time :)


I use it for automating a lot of things. GitHub Action is quite magical!


If anyone’s interested in stuff like Electron, you may be interested in Tauri if you haven’t heard of it! It’s basically the Rust equivalent of Electron, but with smaller bundle sizes, less runtime resource usage, etc. You still use HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend but the engine itself is written in Rust and uses the system WebViews instead of bundling Chromium.

Dioxus is also super interesting, it’s kinda similar to React/RN or Flutter in a way? It’ll run on pretty much any platform and it’s sorta like the all-Rust equivalent to React. you never even TOUCH JavaScript, everything gets compiled down to WASM with just a tiny bit of boilerplate JS. It’s obviously not as fast at manipulating the DOM as a typical JS framework (and may never be because of WASM limitations) but I think it’s a pretty cool option anyway.

just thought some people here may be interested in seeing these if you haven’t already. I’d like to hear any thoughts on these, stuff I may have missed etc


Thanks for mentioning these! I am currently learning React and just finished my first project in it, so these alternatives are something I’ll check out. I’ve been wanted to try something using WASM for ages now.


That sounds like a miracle. I need to learn Rust!


Oh, now that you mention it, I’ve personally been learning Flutter for the same sort of cross-platform development. It compiles code from Dart to native code (Desktop, mobile and web support)! And it has some amazing imperative state management, too (contrary to declarative coding, you instead define the entire layout and redraw it instead of defining several different objects - and it’s optimized for this).

Would definitely recommend checking it out!


I’ve been meaning to learn Flutter for a while now! I’ve taken a few quick looks at it and it looks really cool, and it was super easy to set up. I just need to actually make something with it haha