Coding Education Project



Cool! I'd like to join. My hopscotch name is FrothyCad.


@SmileyAlyssa @Intellection74 @RobotPro @UptownStudios @Stick88 @FrothyCad @FrothyCad that some ppl that could join!


I got some ppl that were all ready here..


Why did you tag me twice? Also, I just added my name, how coincidental!


idk I just like that I don't look at name I just do it..... (swag)


Could you maybe check out my two recent projects? I want to see how they could both be improved (of course they are both only fisrt versions). Also, I followed you!


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is small for u coding partner I would love 1.....


@Codingpro @Deadfr My Hopscotch name is -Uptown Studios-


u talk to me or the coding project? boyy


I want to join! My user name is stick88