Coding Education Project



Hey hopscotchers, I'm thinking about creating an educational hopscotch project! So here's how it works, it shows the person playing the project a scene like a rainforest or an ocean. Then, if they tap on a nature emoji, it gives them facts about that animal/plant! So what do you think? I need all the best coders I can get! Even if your not as good as the best coders, you can help too! I need all the help I can get!


It's a me a Mario! I want to do this! This looks pretty fun!


Trust me it will be!


Whoever helps me, I will follow them!


Please tell as many people as you can!


I love the idea welcome to the forum!


This is a great idea @Codingpro! I'll join!


Thank you all so much!


So we will all need to follow each other so we can all branch the project. What are your hopscotch names? Mine is; Codingpro:video_game::space_invader:


Just type in Coding Pro.


Mine is the third result


Its like in the film alex rider like stormbreaker!


Can i help it spunds cool


I can help! Just cannot help with art... (See icon) P.S my username is Stick88


Count me in!!!!!!!!!


Are you trying to make a game like this?


Mine is Phase Admin:registered:


Cool! This sounds like a very fun collaboration! I'll join! My hopscotch username is RobotPro. Also, could you please explain more to me on how we'll be doing this?


I don't get how are we gonna do the collab?


how cool! I think this would be a very good project my user name is deadfr(as u see)and in hopscotch