🎧➕coding don't mix



Is there any way for me to be able to code while listening to music on the same device? Because whenever I open a prject or make a new rule, my music just stops


It's kind of hard. You're using AirPlay, I'm assuming?


As far as I know, you can't, because Hopscotch uses sound as well. Unless you can glitch your iPad, I don't think that it's possible.


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You might be able to do it with Pandora or another thing that plays music but you have to have the sound of on hopscotch depending on what your working on so if your working on something with music have it so it doesn't play. I haven't tried it though.


I'm using iTunes radio


I have tried with like very music app there is I guess @SUPERSWAGGY is right
:notes::heavy_plus_sign:coding=doesnt work out


It doesn't work for me either. I use Spotify to listen to my music


I use SoundCloud. It doesn't work :cry:


When you're in the middle of listening to a song on iTunes Radio and it stops on Hopscotch, try this:

  • pull up the Control Centre from the bottom of the screen (by swiping up from the bottom of your screen)

  • press the play button in the bottom left corner of the Control Centre


I'm going to try it! I hope it works


Unfortunately, I've tried that, the music instantly stops in the editor/in a game with music in it.

Although when you turn off the music in Hopscotch, it works, but then when you click on something like the back button, the button sound plays and the music stops. :confused:


I do know about this, but

Especially when I make new rules, and I make a lot so it's extremely inconvenient


OMG it works! Thank you so much! I went into a project un paused it and it started! Yay!!!🤗


Yea i did that too but sometimes it doesnt work if the project has sound. Also i do that @DancingLollipop it works on any app


And i do that @t1_hopscotch i did it once in class when i was on a different app and didnt get in trouble because they couldnt see i was listening to music


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