Coding Contest!


Hai hops, chakins, jumpyduckz, and greenbeans of all ages!

I am hosting a contest! If this interests you, read on!




Make a project about a hobby of yours or one of your favorite things to do!
It can be any type of project, except an rp, chat, or remix.


Your project must be appropriate!
Your project cannot be started before August 4th!
You must enter your project before September 4th!
You can only enter once.
Enter your link on this topic only


1st place:

A follow from all four judges

Drawing request from @Sweetlina

A scrollable website from @Catface4

A logo from @PenguinGaming713

A complex trail art request from @EnchantedAnimallover

2nd place:

A non-scrollable website from @Catface4

Drawing request from @Sweetlina

A follow from three judges of your choice

A logo from @PenguinGaming713

A simple trail art request from @EnchantedAnimallover

3rd place:

A follow from two judges of your choice

Drawing request from @Sweetlina

A few likes from @PenguinGaming713

A automatic follow and spam like on both HS and HSF from @EnchantedAnimallover

4th place:

A follow from one judge of your choice

Drawing request from @Sweetlina

A few likes from @PenguinGaming713

A shoutout from @EnchantedAnimallover

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I'm new to this
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Okay! This has begun!


Just a bump so more people will see this. c:


I'm doing it!


I might enter!




Ima chackin, can't be in this.


I might do this! This sounds cool!


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I put something in my bio about asking people to join!


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Can you get the OMTL? I'm terrible at coping and pasting.


It's at the bottom of the first post.


Oh. I didn't see that!


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Bump! We have more "bumps" in this topics than actual posts! :sweat_smile:


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The 4th of September is my best friends birthday


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