Coding Computer!



Hi people! I know you know that HS is for Codeing, but there is this really cool computer. It's called Kano. You can code on it. Ok, right now I'm just giving you the link,


I've seen it, it's really cool! Raspberry Pi looks good too!


Do you have it? Gust so I can follow you, if you do.


That´s cool! I have a Raspberry Pi that I use to build projects and code.


Where did you get it?


I don't know, my dad got it from a company somewhere in Sweden, I think you can buy it online at many websites. Adafruit might have it.


No, but I really want to!


Ok. I was just wondering because I want to build my own computer. (Besides Kano)


I’m using my Kano right now!


That is really cool! Just a question, is Kano based on a Raspberry Pi?