Coding Competition


I am hosting a coding competition!
Just reply and ask if you can join, i will accept and put your name in this colum:

Fill this out once project is finished to submit!

HS name:
Name of project:
Basis of project (ex: art, game, draw, trail):


Do you needed any judges?


Winner gets 20 likes and a follow! And a shout out in the Weekly Taco Report!





Can you enter a project that is already published?:slight_smile:


Then I will be judge!

Please XD


Yes you can!

    (20 characters)


YaaaaaaaY! You can be judge!


May I be a judge
And mabye @KVJ can




HS name: lollypopcorn
Name of project: Tank Top Maker
Basis of project: Game

Link: Link to entry

There hope you like it :smile::smile:


You can be a judge side


I meant dude