Coding Community!

Welcome to The Coding Community!

Let’s skip the intro and jump into rules and such, okay?
Leaders are elected once a month through a citizen only poll
candidates for mayor can not vote!
Coding challenges are created by the leader of the month
You must be a citizen to apply for mayor

Candidate to become mayor form

How long have you been in the community (both Hs and this one)?:
Will you judge fairly?:
Will you appoint judges who will be fair?:
Will you be well organized, keep the community on-topic and be kind and helpful?:
If the current mayor likes your answers and your record, you will be added to the candidate list.

Current mayor: AstrosUwU



Every citizen has a bank account which hold their CodeBytes

50 CodeBytes
Credit Score of 550 (default)

50 CodeBytes
Credit Score of 550 (default)

Just tell the mayor if you want to be a citizen and you’ll be added!

If I forgot something feel free to tell me
Accepting forms currently. The poll is posted the last day of each month and the results are posted the first day of the new month.


Cool! What will you do inside this coding community though? Collabs and that kind of stuff?

I know I allowed it, but if you’re just going to have a little group, it can go in the GDT :wink:


Yeah. Collabs, challenges, requests (only for citizens) all sorts of stuff


I’m in. When does it start?

(Ps - you’re making lots of topics fast like I did, try to even them out so more people participate and you’re not overloaded)


okay it starts now XD you’re in. (People need to sign up to be mayor…)


Closed by request from the topic creator.