Coding Collaboration Project | Hidden troubles donation project!

Hey girls, boys, and non-binarys!
I had an idea!
We all know about climate change, poverty, and the big issues with our society and our world.

but what about the other big issues which people don’t know about?

Well that’s why this topic was made!

Me, and others, could make projects helping those unpopular but serious issues, and spread diversity of the knowledge!

I will need
-Two coders (minimum)
-Two researchers (five maximum)
-One more leader with me!
job info in next post!

What we’ll do
People will do their jobs, and all of us will code projects, and have fun challenges to spread knowledge through coding!

Here’s a Poll so I know who to tag for the jobs

  • I would like to join!
  • I would join, but be very inactive
  • I can’t join, sorry
  • I’ll join, but later in time after exams, Holliday, etc.

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Those people

  • I would like to be a coder!
  • I would like to be a researcher!
  • If I’m good at my job, I’ll like to try out for co-leader(choose this after job!)
  • I’m not good at that. Could I talk to you about having a Hopscotch-related special job?

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@omtl! Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged!
(Yes GameCodingCrazy I know you made a topic abt this omtl apologizing thing but I’m gonna say it anyway)


About not saying sorry about the omtl lol


Ah ok

I’d like to join, I could help with presentation (graphics, smoothness and effects)


It’s a great idea and I’d like to join (I voted in the polls too) as either a coder or researcher or whatever, doesn’t really matter

Also this:
I said this in the GDT but I’ll repeat myself here


Great topic idea!
I’d like to join as a researcher or coder!


There’s the first post for the jobs info


I’ll make a post after I have everyone voting to fill maximum so I can make a post about the jobs!


what would the account be named?

this seems like something I could definitely do. I absolutely love reading about esoteric topics and learning more about them!


Oof u caught me on exam week lol


This is a great idea! :) I may join in the future after my schedule clears up, but in the meantime, I look forward to seeing whatever eye-opening projects you make!

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It depends!
If we could collaborate in a account, that would be ideal, but we could also make stuff from our personal accounts!


I’m just going to accept everybody here right now, it’ll be closed for the moment, and I won’t allow anyone in unless they ask!

WHAT?! The polls were closed as I was about to tap them! :unamused:

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Would you like to join and pick?
Lol I feel bad so ill open them for a sec!

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thanks a lot :+1:t2:

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I’m going to try one last time to be a good boy on Hopscotch

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What do you mean by serious issues?


So, you know Global Warming?
That’s pretty big.
Everyone knows about that, so hey can try to help!

But what about those species of trees d.ying out because of infection? People won’t likely know all about that, so it would be this topic’s job to spread the word about it!

Just, my parents told me not to get into politics, so if you were to make a project about that, make sure you are careful!





What you will do-
You guys will make projects according to the theme or subject! You could even do it about the variety of them, or find your own! Usually, information of the theme will be given by researchers. Turning in projects build points.

What are points?
They’re variables I’ll use for small prizes like badges, awards, and will help me determine who will run this with me!

I have five minutes left for my time on the forum so posts about researchers coming later!


Can I suggest something?

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