Coding Club Search!



To be in this coding club.

  1. Be at least 3 months of coding

The name hasn't been decided

There will be a test. Notify me of you want to be a judge!

Contest Information

I'll be in it @GummiForum!


Okay I will announce the test later today :slightly_smiling:


People trying out.


I want to be in! Will we do challenges or code projects together?


Can I be a judge? I'm interested in what this club is about and what it will be like!


I wanna be in


I'll join! Contests are fun because they make me do stuff I wouldn't usually do!


Okay I will announce the test tomorrow


Yeah both! :sunny:

The test is tommorow.


Can I be in?


That sound great


Can I be a judge?? I have been coding for 1 1/2


I want to be in please


@MYD I have a question what is your hopscotch name?


Make Your Day
(If it is confusing I can see that)