Coding club open to all



This is a coding club with challenges and a chat room where you can talk about your new projects. It is open to everyone to fill the form and I will pick the people that I think sound enthusiastic and keen (which will probably be everyone:)
Here is the form
Forum name:
Hopscotch name:
How long have you been on hopscotch for:
Do you enjoy hopscotch:

I will try to include people who are less know to give them a chance!


Since March 2016 on my account but counting all my accounts for 1 year
Yes, because you learns to code plus you get to play your and other projects too. Plus you get to make friends


Ok your in! Your the first member. When some more people have joined I will sent out the first challenge!


Since December 2015
I love hopscotch

Also, is it ok if I don't do every challenge? because I'm also running my own club, (as you know) and it keeps me busy!



Bluedogmc-official is in! That's fine if you don't do every challenge


Giraffe88 :sparkles:
March 2015
I absolutely LOVE hopscotch! How can anybody not enjoy it?

(Also just telling you I just want an opportunity to get in a club I'm not so good at coding)


Forum name: WinningMonkey

Hopscotch name: WinningMonkey

How long have you been on hopscotch for: 1 Year 3 Days

Do you enjoy hopscotch: YES


Your in! I feel the same way about hopscotch too


Your also in! I am just typing randomly because this post has to be 20 characters long


Now that we have four members I'm gonna start. So the first challenge is to make a a project filled with all the club rules. Here they are:
Be nice to all hopscotches on the forum and the app
Please tell me if you are or are not doing a challenge
Have fun

You can make you rules project as creative as you like! You can publish is then press the chain link thingy then paste it in like this -ibubblez is my hopscotch username


Here's Mine

Click The Photo


Nice! I really love like how the rules are kinda falling at first and the logo looks perfect




So cool! I could never make something as impresive as that!


Thanks but you make cool stuff too so don't say that you can't make that :wink:


No really! I normally just remix other people's projects!


So do I
But the projects that you do code are cool :sparkles:


Thank You! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Your very welcome


Is anyone else taking part in this challenge?