Coding Challenge


Lots of people have been saying that that there isn't enough coding related topics on the Forum, do I decided to make this.
The idea is simple. I post a picture of some art (a spiral or similar) on Hopscotch, and then people have to code it. You can change colours, backgrounds etc...
The art will be judged on two things:
• How accurate it is
• How creative it is

You'll have two days from when I post. I think this is great for any coder as it isn't coding what you want, it's undoing code, which is also important!

I'm stuck on prizes, so any ideas would be great!

People who want to be tagged in this when I post a new one:

I'll add your name


I'll join!
What do you mean by "art"?


The thing he publishes


I'll join, too! I want to try to beat @CreationsOfaNoob. XD

@CreationsOfaNoob, he means art he draws on a drawing pad. ^^


I'll join, too!


Not the best at art but I'll join too!


No, he posts art that he's drawn on like a drawing pad or sumthin. Then THEN PPL WHO R DOING IT code za art. Trail or pixel idk u choose


I would like to do it!


Awesome! I get inspired from seeing art too (I made projects based on seeing a piece of art too plains background and meadow background)

Can't wait to see all these! Do you think you could tag me on any updates in this? :smiley: (Oh, I just realised you put a section in the original post too! :upside_down:)


@CreationsOfaNoob, @DECODECO, @Rawrbear, @TrevCoding, @braybraylovesmonkeys, @Gobli09 and @t1_hopscotch:
I meant 'art' like a spiral or similar. Sorry for the confusion!!


Here's the first challenge!
Try and code this:
As said above, try and change it a bit :slight_smile:



I'm in math lel


I already figured it out exactly!

Don't cheat everyone else


Here's another since I didn't see that he said 'change it up a bit'



I'd love to be part of this!


Actually, this


Ah okay I see :smile:

Wow @TrevCoding and @DECODECO those are really cool so far :smiley: