Coding Challenge!


Usually I post challenges on Hopscotch, but this I can't because it's A LINK!! Too much enthusiasm? Okay..

Anyways, my challenge is for you to recreate this optical illusion on Hopscotch. I will end the contest...I don't know..when I get enough entries?

I will judge it by how close it is to the illusion. The prizes:
1st-A follow (if I'm not already) and a shoutout project
2nd-A follow and 5 likes
3rd-5 likes

Good luck, and have fun!


I got it (this had to be longer)


Done here's the link


When I try to view it it says Removed From Community :confused:


Yeah, that happened to me as well!


Um...ok I'll rrepublish it


Even when I go into the account page it says that error message. But it says 11 people played it.

I read that if you have a Beta app/account it makes it glitch out super badly if you try to go through a link. Are you in Beta @DrDuctape? I hope HT knows about this


Well I'll republish the link here and if it's not working then go to hopscotch then go to games you'll find it there


It's working now (for some reason)

It's not really how the illusions works, the dots are supposed to disappear at a sequence and the green dot is imaginary..
However, it does look pretty cool! :+1:


Wait so the dots go in I then visa after like 5 milliseconds I'll update it


Yeah, the dots turn visible and invisible so it kind of looks like those old-fashioned neon signs.

You can look it up if you're's pretty interesting. Your eyes' rods get used to the pink and when it suddenly disappears it looks like a traveling green dot


@DrDuctape thanks for liking the illusion and I did not know that you were a Christian


Now what (this had to be longer)


This isn't an animated one, but try it out if you want. (Sorry for the bad photo quality)


I can't do that! Something different (plus I don't have fancy text:grin:)


Maybe this? And you can copy and paste fancy characters like rectangles.



Sorry for some reson it won't let me go there can you put up some screenshots


It might be forbidden or something if you have restrictions on. Here:

It looks tough, but it's basically all lines and boxes


My dad turn off safari restrictions but it still says this it's a bug


How about programming this!