Coding challenge/puzzle #1


Your goal is to get the smiley face to the screens left edge.
The smiley face mustn't bump or touch any flame clones or the black border along the screens bottom edge.

Your code can't change the smiley face or angry faces appearance such as size/invisibility
You can't reference the flame or it's clones in any code.
You can't change or make code for the flame clones.
You can't change the speed of the smiley face or angry face
You can't use "Last touch X/Y"
You can't change or delete the variable"Play"

Basically, the flames move from left to fight and a random flame is deleted.
You must code so when the flames start moving, the smiley face moves through the space created from a flame being deleted and reaches the left edge.

You can only use "Change X/Y or Move forwards" to move the smiley face or angry face.
You can't reference the letter "L" that deletes a clone at the start in any code.
You can't add more clones or sprites.
You are allowed to create a max of 2 custom variables.

Good luck.
I've coded a solution to this problem.
Please post a link to your project with a solution if you think you have created one.
In a week I'll,post my projects solution so others can learn or compare their solutions with it

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Oooh I will take a look when I get back to my iPad!


I really would try it if Hopscotch was installed on my iPad ;-; But thanks for tagging me; it looks interesting. ^


Hi @Stradyvarious
Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but

Added code

Your rules said, "You can't reference the flame or it's clones in any code." Which I haven't done. The Global variable "Up" is also used by the flame clones so continually resetting it to 0 changes their positioning.

If this wasn't an intended solution, 'Up' should have been an Object's Variable. :wink:

I'm curious to see your solution :smiley:


Thanks for pointing that out.
I added the rule "You can't change or edit the "Play" variable code blocks.
Can you try to solve this again with this extra rule I added.

Judging from all the likes, it seems no one else will try to take this challenge.
This is my solution.


Hi @Stradyvarious I considered your solution, but

I thought a reference to "anything" would also technically be a reference to the flame or it's clones, since the flames are "anything".

"You can't reference the flame or it's clones in any code."


I should have been more specific.
I meant when "Self" is in a block and you tap it to select a sprite, you can't enter the flame as an object.