Coding Challenge for anybody!



Hello! Welcome to my coding challenge! I will be accepting 7 people! We will have a few contests every month and 2 winners! Just remember, if you don't win a contest, there are MANY more! To sign up fill out this short and simple form!

  1. Username
  2. Do you love to code?
  3. Are you currently in another contest? (Just so we don't interfere with anything!)
    @BlackPrincess @battle_dog @OrigamiLover @Kiwicute2016 @tankt2016 @Willsta18 @Wookie @WinningMonkey @Dancer101 @Dude73 @DancingLollipop @DreamyLemon @PercyJackson9 @Cool @Liza @LGBT.Coder @iReesesCup @Ihasfluffycupcakes @Candycane @Calico2.0 @TheLogoMaster @SmileyAlyssa @SmilingSnowflakes @MagmaPOP @marshmallow3 @LazyLizard @Laura @everyone @CandyflossClouds @jellybean671 @KawaiiAnimeLuver2 @RubyStars @CleaningFlame @RebeccaPuppyDogDog @Dancer101 @cherrycupcake @Sweet_Girls @LotsaPizza @smishsmash


Thanks for tagging me! I can't do the contest though.


I hopefully will be able to do it. :slight_smile:


You... ARE.... IN!!!!!! Yay! Once we have more people I will post first contest info :thumbsup:



I think I'll have time to do it!


I think when at least four or five have entered I might start it...


think I also might tag more people! Could you maybe tag some friends?


Thank you for tagging me
I would not ever think enybody thinks I'm a good coder

im not


So I'll accept the chalenge

I'm Catgirl :grinning: On Hopscotch
I love coding even though I'm not good yet
I'm not in any other contest now


@Laura I think you are awesome! You are in too! Could you tag some more friends too? If you want to at least


@tankt2016 would you like to join!


Username- Crazy_cake
I am but I think I will still have time!


@smishsmash @Laura @LazyLizard ok I will just post our first contest. And if anyone else wants to join you two can help tell them yes or no! So first contest is due Friday. The topic is... ANYTHING! Have fun with this and really work hard! Have fun!


Ok, thanks!

@LazyLizard, don't you have HW? It's ok if you don't, or you do! Or something else! :D


Yes, I do!

I just had to get up to get ice for my knee, so I checked the forum!




Ohhh, ya! What did you do to your knee?


Ur in! Contest is posted above


I popped it out of place on a trampoline on Sunday, so I asked my friend to pop it back in. Now it hurts like MADDD!! (I can't fully straighten it or bend it without pain.)


Ouch! Hope you feel better soon :D


What is your username? On hopscotch