Coding and art collab!



Ok so I have decided that it would be fun to have a collab! It would be for art and coding! But no rp’s and chatting, the only exception is if someone asks a Important question! I will be choosing up to 4 other people, so 5 people including me!

Expectations\rules: in this collab we will be doing coding and art so please try to refrain from doing rp’s and chatting! Don’t get into arguments with other users or argue with each other in drafts, although its fine to politely talk in drafts!

Coding: For the coding part feel free to code anything as long as it is appropriate and its not spam!

Art: For the art, again, you can draw to your hearts content, just please make sure its not hurtful and that it is appropriate!

Other stuffs: I will post the password once we get a fair amount of users!
Also I need some help finding a username! So if you have an idea feel free to post it down below! Here’s some of my ideas!
CreativeCollab (that name is so uncreative)
Ya that’s it for now I’ll keep thinking!

Which name do you like/ which idea do you have for the username!

  • CreativeCollab
  • CraftyCollab
  • Other(post down below)

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Oops i didn’t mean to publish this yet!


Can i joins?


Yes you may!!! I will post the password once I get some more users!


Does anyone know if it would be OK to tag OMTL cause there coding stuffs!


Tag pomtl


Oh ok thanks!!!:grinning:


stop tagging everyone, just tag the members of your collab




I’m tagging people so if there interested they can join! :grinning:


it’s just annoying… sorry pomtl has been tagged a lot


Yeah I understand I almost took myself of the list once cause I kept getting tagged to different topics…sorry


Can I join? I might be late…


Can I join?


Yes of course you can join!!!:grinning:


Yes you may also join!:grinning:


Okie so @FRENCH_WAVE123 @PartTimeFemale @Got_This_Glow
I will post the username and password later today!




@FRENCH_WAVE123 you ready for the password?


@Got_This_Glow @PartTimeFemale are you all ready for the password?